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Electrical Safety E-Learning


This course will start by covering the many benefits electricity brings to society, as well as its key components voltage, current and resistance. It will explain the two main types of electricity, cover UK accident and death statistics, and describe a simple way of remembering the electrical hazards. It then goes on to provide basic instructions about how you could safely help someone you suspect has received an electric shock.


45 Minutes


  • Introduction
  • What you will learn
  • Basic principles and measurement of electricity
  • Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
  • What are the hazards associated with electricity?
  • Electrical injury, what could happen to you
  • Electric shock
  • Electrical burns
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Thermal burns
  • Simple first aid precautions
  • High voltage (HV) accidents
  • Low voltage (LV) electric shock accidents
  • Electrical burns
  • Fire and explosion risks
  • Fire
  • General office and workplace safety tips
  • Plug and socket safety
  • Cable and lead safety
  • Portable appliance testing (PAT) and maintenance


Successful candidates will receive a certificate, valid for 3 years.

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Location: E-Learning

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Location: E-Learning

Date: 31st Dec 2022

£55.00 +VAT

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