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IPAF MEWPs for Managers E-Learning


IPAFs MEWPs for Managers training course covers what managers need to know for safe and effective use of MEWPs on site. This includes planning the job, conducting a risk assessment, selecting the right equipment for optimum cost-efficiency and mitigating all possible risks. 

The course is suitable for all abilities and is open to those with no prior knowledge through to those who are very experienced.

This course is designed to be solely completed using our eLearning facility on your laptop, PC or tablet device. You should expect the course to take from around six to eight hours to complete, depending on your staring level of knowledge and experience. The course is divided into manageable sections that you can complete at your own pace. You can save and resume your training at any time. 

How to start your eLearning training: 

1. Contact us to register for the IPAF MEWPs for Managers eLearning training course. 

2. We will send you an email inviting you to begin your eLearning training. 

3. At the end of your eLearning training you will need to complete an online test. 

4. Once you have passed your online test, contact us again to apply for your IPAF MEWPs for Managers certificate.

N.B. IPAF MEWPs for Managers eLearning programme utilises a sophisticated facial recognition system across online training and evaluation sessions to ensure your identity. This is to prevent any attempts to obtain the qualification through fraudulent means. Please ensure your device has a working camera facility.


6 - 8 Hours


  • Do you know what your legal obligations are?
  • Have you selected the right machine for the job at hand?
  • Who is operating MEWPs on your site and have they been trained and familiarised?
  • Have you considered the potential hazards and taken preventive measures?
  • This course is about planning, supervising and managing the use of MEWPs, and not about operating equipment.
  • It ends with a written test that candidates must pass.


Upon successful completion of the theory test, candidates will receive an IPAF certificate. Those who hold a valid Powered Access Licence for operating equipment can have the MEWPs for Managers (MM) category added to their PAL Card.

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