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Noise Awareness E-Learning


Noise at work can cause hearing damage that is permanent and disabling. This damage is preventable if the right steps are taken — but once your hearing has gone, it will not come back. It can also interfere with communications by stopping people from being able to understand or follow conversations, and it can make verbal warnings or alarms harder to hear. These issues can lead to further safety risks that could lead to people being injured or even killed.


55 Minutes


This course will show you how dangerous noise can be in the workplace, and the main safety issues you should be aware of. It will take you through some of the simple science and the main laws that apply, before introducing you to noise level limits. It also covers some of the specific health risks and how to avoid them by producing risk assessments and action plans, as well as through the provision of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It concludes by examining how to provide information and instruction to employees, along with the most professional way to conduct health surveillance of the workforce.


Successful candidates will receive a certificate, valid for 3 years.

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