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Display Screen Equipment Awareness E-Learning

Display Screen Equipment Awareness E-Learning

Location: Online

£40.00 +VAT

Course Overview

This course is aimed at users of display screen equipment, or DSE as it’s often called.
DSE is a term that covers a wide range of equipment. If DSE equipment like this is not set up correctly, users are at increased risk from certain disorders. As an employee, you share the responsibility to keep people safe at work. That means undergoing relevant training and ensuring that rules are followed.

Course Content

Health effects from using computers
The law on display screen equipment
Employers’ duties and responsibilities
Safe practices
Getting comfortable and making adjustments – seat height, your desk and avoiding glare
Reading the screen
Posture and breaks
Using Computers safely

Course Duration

1-2 Hours

Course Certification

Successful candidates will receive a certificate, valid for 3 years.

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