Are you a CITB registered company? If you are then One Stop Safety Training can advise you on how you could claim back the cost of your training.

CITB-Construction Skills offers a range of grants that cover a broad selection of qualifications and training courses. From supervisory and management qualifications to apprenticeship support, CITB grants offer support that will help you to develop your business and stay compliant.

It is more important than ever to ensure you are providing the highest standard of training and support to your workforce and providing them with a safe environment in which to work. CITB helps you to overcome the barriers of costly health and safety training by providing you with financial and professional support across a wide range of training courses.

Are you eligible?

All CITB registered employers can make a grant claim, even if they do not pay levy.

Grant claims can be made for your entire workforce including employees and subcontractors employed on a labour-only basis.

How much can you claim?

The amount you can claim back against your training courses and apprenticeships will vary, but we would be delighted to tell you more about the grant reimbursements available. We can also help you with the claims application process and help you to receive your reimbursement as quickly as possible.

How is CITB helping to support the construction industry?

By offering grants to employers for construction training, CITB is helping to create one of the most productive, highly skilled and safe industries in the world.

Through their grant schemes, CITB aims to:

  • Improve business performance
  • Replenish areas where there are skills shortages
  • Help to bring more diverse skills into the industry
  • Improve learning for further and higher education and for apprenticeships
  • Improve professional occupational standards

CITB members can also experience the following benefits:

  • Training grants
  • Support from Company Development Advisors – CITB advisors are on hand to visit employers to offer advice on how to get the best from their employees and business
  • Apprenticeships – CITB apprenticeships offer the perfect combination of on-site experience and college learning
  • A wide range of services including assessment and training support, recognised qualifications and industry recognised card schemes

I am not a member of CITB. Can I apply?

If you are a construction business or employer based in the United Kingdom, you can register with CITB. Once you are a registered member, you will get access to the training grants available and also a wide range of CITB support services.

When you register with CITB, you will need to submit a Levy Return every year to continue to receive full access to training and development grants.

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At One Stop Safety Training, we believe that our customers should have access to the best safety training and resources available. Our safety experts are on hand to advise on the training that is most suited to your needs and that will help you to ensure you run your organisation in a safe and compliant manner.

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