In today’s day and age safety training in the work place is incredibly important. Over 200 people are killed and over one million people are injured each year in accidents in the workplace. Therefore, as an employer it is your legal duty to protect the health and safety of your employees and others by providing relevant and sufficient safety training.

Although the risk and danger can’t be 100% removed educating employees with safety training can significantly reduce the chances of an incident or accident occurring! Developing a positive health and safety culture within your workplace will increase efficiency and improve team morale.

Whether you work with dangerous machinery or in the food industry, providing the correct safety training to all your employees will help you avoid the stress and financial costs of accidents and occupational ill health. It’s also worth noting that your insurance won’t cover all these costs. Therefore it pays to invest in high quality safety training.

Who needs training?

To put it simply all your staff need training and it starts with you. Setting the example you need to be fully trained and aware of all the health and safety risks that your employees may come across during your work and ensure your team are working safely.

From supervisors and managers to staff members all your employees need safety training, even sub-contractors. It’s vital they understand how to work safely and stick to your specific health and safety policy without posing any risks to themselves and those around them. Remember your business’ reputation is at stake.

Advantages of Training with One Stop Safety Training:

Experts in all aspects of safety training One Stop Safety Training have bags of experience delivering high quality safety training courses to businesses in a wade range of industries.

We are capable of delivering bespoke safety training courses specifically tailored to meet the demands of your business. Our team of well trained staff will work with your employees to ensure they are fully trained and able to perform their job in a safe and compliant manner.

From PASMA working at height courses to general First Aid we offer a wide variety of safety training courses lead by a team of safety training experts.

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